One of the purpose for Terry Stone Co.,Ltd is to allwo the buyers to purchase the trustly and reassuring stone products through get more information from us.Theretore,we insist on providing the variety of options to our customers.Through the Terry Stone,you will see the varied and graceful by nature combined with technology.We will provide the stones from famous origin such as:Turkey,Italy,Brazil,Spain, Egypt,Greece,India,China,France and so on,the various stone products such as marble,limestone,granite and so on.Our company aims to provide the stone materials with High-Quality and Low-Price to our customers.You just need take a few minutes to send us your enquuy via email,Terry Stone will be happy to serivce for you to provice a satisfactory solution.



first-class teams

Cohesion contributes to power and unity produces hope. A really excellent company can never do without first-class teams. Ji Yang will always adhere to the teamwork spirit of “cooperating with mutual assistance and sharing weal and woe together”. Good management personnel give counsels for the company’s.

resource reserves

Provide high-quality natural stone and professional service is Terry Stone’s consistent pursuit.Wihe a full set of imported production line equipments to precision processing,it is an assurance of excellence for Terry Stone.Excellent enterprise strength and brand services to ensure Terry Stone as a stone supplier for many large scale construction project.Depending on the years rich experience in execution of works,with reasonable price,excellent taste and well-deserved reutation to maintain our edge in the marketplace.

enterprise workshop

Science and technology is the first productive force.The comparison between the ancient and modern,Every progress of human society,all along with the progress of science and technoloy,especially the modern science technology develop fast,for the social productivity development and human civilization develop much more wide space,powerful promoted the development of economy and society.Terry Stone always stick to the principle of”science technology build the superi-products”,keeping introduction and improved the advanced production processing equipment which from domestic and overseas,to achieve development of the production,scientization,professionalization,try best to be connection with the international,endeavor to create the Terry Stone world brand.

technological process of countertop

1. Picking → 2. Selection → 3. Load material(disk saw) → 4. Saw cutting

5. Checkout → 6. Infrared ray bridge cutting → 7. Countertop processing workshop

8. Adhesive(bullnose edge,Ogeee edge,flat edge etc.)

9. Shaped processing on the machine(Ogee edge,Bullnose edge etc.)

10. Dig sink holes → 11. Drilling → 12. Polishing → 13. Checkout

14. Protection → 15. Packaging → 16.Goods delivery

refined with no scarcity

One stone, one city ,one world ,create materials,create landscape,create pleasant stages.

Rock born from natural,carve by sun and moon which from natural,it a result of natural,rather than natural,and retun to nature again to reach the realm of Mother Nature.

So explore the beautiful stone from all over the world,guarantee the qyality of the stone and reserve is the most important thing for development of Terry Stone.